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Fa-2021 : Admissions

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Admission Session : Fa-2021
Sr.No Degree  
1 BBA (Hons)Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons)Apply Now
2 BS AFBS Accounting and FinanceApply Now
3 BS APBachelors of Science in Applied PsycologyApply Now
4 BS BTBS BiotechnologyApply Now
5 BS CHEM.BS ChemistryApply Now
6 BS DFCSBachelor of Science in Digital Forensics and Cyber SecurityApply Now
7 BS Eng.BS EnglishApply Now
8 BS IRBachelor of Science in International RelationsApply Now
9 BS ITBachelor of Science in Information TechnologyApply Now
10 BS MathsBS MathematicsApply Now
11 BS MBBS MicrobiologyApply Now
12 BS MCBS Mass Communication Apply Now
13 BS PhysBachelor of science in physicsApply Now
14 BS SEBachelor of Science in Software EngineeringApply Now
15 BSCSBachelors of Science in Computer SciencesApply Now

Admission Session : Fa-2021
Admissions Closed in postgraduate.